Here’s What You Missed in April

2023 Blooper Reel 🤭

Every April 1st we love to look back on some of the funny B-Roll we captured as we filmed our way through the past 12 months. You know you love it! 💗

Tell me – what was your fave blooper this year?

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Own a home? Read this! 👇

We posted this in October when market conditions were settling in and we did have more inventory coming on and pickier buyers.

I’m reposting it today because while inventory remains LOW ⬇️ in our specific market, prices have cooled considerably after a frantic pandemic home sale boom in the PNW. Keep reading….

We had a seller that we had engaged with for one year that was just “waiting for the right time to list”. They were planning to move out of state but it was flexible with their jobs. When they finally decided the time was right they realized they could take advantage of their company’s relocation services and we then had to apply for the job and we did get it. The problem was – several brand new homes had finished construction across the street from their home and sat on the market for more than 100 days as my seller watched the list price reduce over $400k in that time. I was insistent that their home be priced below the sale price of the new construction by at least $50k. Our sellers did not take our advice and because we knew that we wouldn’t be able to move their home with that mindset – we referred the deal to another broker. We had a long relationship already with this seller and wanted to see them happy no matter who listed the home.

They ended up listing for $50k over the homes across the street after they had all closed and never saw an offer. It took over 30+ days and several price reductions to finally go pending well below the number I had even suggested. In the meantime, they were frustrated, and had wasted a lot of time trying to time the market.

Watch the video, save it and tag someone who should see it too! Choosing a listing agent is a lot like a trust fall. 🙏

The 3 P’s you need to know 📢

It’s Monday and it’s one of the busiest listing weeks of the spring market. Have you been considering selling your home? Here are a few tips to listing and selling in a timely manner!

1. Prep It Well
2. Price it well
3. Promote it well

Ask us how we can help! DM me with questions about getting your home on the market as we head into spring selling season! ☎️


Thank you for all the bday wishes from near and far! I loved receiving all the texts and calls and sentiments on social media. All of your wishes for me last year came true this year. 💫 I spent the day with this amazing guy @mccuenmatt feeling extremely happy and content. 💗 Beach, champs, clear blue water and sun made it a day to remember.

Life is good! 💋

Inflation and interest rates are on everyone’s minds and it definitely isn’t just the housing market that we’re talking about. What have you bought lately that is not only price inflated, but carried a high interest rate as well (even with perfect credit!)?

Friday tips for you Sellers out there! 📝

It’s the spring selling season but there are some@of you sitting on the fence! Do these@things to get the wheels in motion!

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