Here’s What You Missed in March

Sellers do you have a home project holding you back from coming to market? Consider passing on the remodel letting the next owners remodel the way they would want!

Let us help you to understand what makes good sense when upgrading your home to sell and what may not add as much value as you think. #IYKYK

Happy Friday! ❤️


Did you know that I can send you and invitation to our MLS app HomeSpotter? There you can like and comment on any homes you have interest in. No need to look at other sites and be tempted to tour with an agent you don’t know! Lets get you set up today!

What are your weekend plans?

If you’re thinking about buying, this weekend is a great time to get acquainted with your credit score or your home loan application! It takes time to build good credit and you definitely want to know where you stand BEFORE applying for that loan. There are so many great credit apps out there – I have been using @creditkarma since my divorce in 2015 and I check it daily! Know your score and have a healthy financial outlook! DM ME anytime for questions about pre-approval, buying your first home or anything else!

STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 about my own credit journey and you’ll know why this is especially close to my heart! 💚💵✔️

PART 2: Credit Story!

This is directed toward the ladies out there! I have really worked hard to obtain financial freedom and credit after being married for almost 20 years. I realized after getting divorced how little identity I actually had and some of that is on me for defaulting to my husband for so long. Times have changed ladies – whether you’re married or single, newly divorced or coming off a relationship – you MUST take the time to prioritize your credit and assets in YOUR NAME. We’re going to touch on this on a podcast coming up soon – but it was so hard for me, I couldn’t even purchase a car for my children without a co-sign from my father – at 44 years old. I didn’t have bad credit – I just didn’t have any credit! Learn some tools that can help! Ask me questions or open an account @creditkarma stat and start working on owning your identity!! 👊

Everyone’s been asking me 🗣️

Just finished the @kromawellness 5-day reset and I did post along the way but want to finish it out! 🥬 Brighter skin, healthy gut, great restful sleep, energy during the day and less bloat. It was a great kickstart to some healthy habits that I may have lost since my surgery. I highly recommend! My favorite product is the morning matcha. Might have to cancel my auto-ship nespresso pods!

DM with questions! 💋


For you? Never knew…

Call me 51 – but I’ve just discovered the for you page on Instagram. Whoops. Not sure what I’ve been doing! When we examined my for you page we really got to the heart of who I am! Watch to see! 🐶🐰 👶💎

What’s on your FOR YOU page? 👇

Welcome to a new week!

We recently updated our team photos – huge shoutout to my amazing friend @lisimez for taking pics of me, my family, my team – since 2005. That’s a long time! Her business is special and people always ask me who takes our photos 📸 Make sure and follow her @lisiwolfphotography and ring her up for professional headshots and absolutely gorgeous senior pics too!

Venue: @barmoore_bellevue


What a great day with my gal today! @loveshackfancydallas 🌸hosted a gorgeous pop-up with high tea @thecrescentdallas 🫖🍰 and it was the perfect setting to celebrate @lilypodolskyy and her birthday. Mommy March Madness has finally come to an end and it was a great 10 days of visits with 2 out of 3 or my babies. Heart full! 💖

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