“My How You’ve Blossomed!”

I cannot believe how fast time seems to be moving as I age. It’s absolutely amazing to see the anticipation of something coming, only to blink and see that it has passed. I had been rolling along quite enjoying my age of 47, only to all of the sudden… be 48.

On the occasion of this particular birthday, I have taken a moment to reflect because it seems that a lot of things are intersecting. I have an 18-year old son graduating from high school this year which seems unreal. I feel that I was just 18 myself! As I have taken him on college visits, helped him apply to his favorite universities and ultimately – watched him grapple with the decision of where to go to school in the fall, I am reminded of my own experiences with all of that. As I sat and wondered, I received the invitation to my thirtieth high school reunion in Ohio. How in the hell could I be 30 years out from my own graduation and college seeking experience? It seems impossible.

This spring has taken me on a bit of a self-seeking journey, which sometimes does happen as I mark another year on this earth. But, I went a little deeper this time – although I am not sure if it is because I am getting older and becoming more introspective, or if it is because I have more things to think about! One thing I know even from reading my past blog posts – there is a lot of change that happens emotionally and physically in your mid to late 40’s. Besides the friendships that change, the marriages that may fail (or succeed!), the personal relationships that we find in the next chapter and the professional victories which become more rich and rewarding with more time spent in the workforce – there is the physical part of turning 48 that is reason to pause as well. I am definitely in the best shape I have ever been in and I feel stronger than I did at 30. So, I try not to let my age define me – but looking at some pictures that have been cropping up from my high school group as our reunion approaches this weekend – it’s hard to believe I am the same girl I see there from 1988-1989. Note to self – stand up straight!

I live in a beautiful old house built in the 50’s on top of a hill with a mature yard and I have three cherry trees that come alive as they do here in the PNW every spring. This year, I decided I’d try and use my new camera to capture the changes in the tree from bud to flower blossom. I thought at first they would never bloom. Other trees on my street had blossomed early and had already faded to their full summer green, but my buds took their time – kind of like me!

March 22nd 2019
April 1, 2019
April 6, 2019
April 17, 2019
April 28, 2019

I am missing my high school reunion because my senior has prom that night. I would never miss his prom, but since I went to a small private school and only graduated with 56 girls, there is something even more special about connecting with them after all these years. Since I last saw these gals, I have moved from Seattle to Dallas and back to Seattle, gotten divorced, and started a new career. I have definitely been having feelings about all of this and how it compares to these amazing women and their many accomplishments – and I’m dying to hear about how all of them are progressing as time marches on.

My school (K-12) was definitely for the “gifted” girls. My grandmother graduated from the same school in the 1930’s and there is no doubt that is why I was originally admitted. While I showed potential, I did not take advantage of the rigorous curriculum nor did I appreciate the small classroom environments which would no doubt set me apart from my peers once I got to college. While I did not excel at school, I knew even in the 80’s that I had a different kind of smart that would get me by and lead me to success eventually. Either way – when I got to college, it was apparent immediately that I was indeed ahead of many of my friends – something had sunk in at Laurel School. I often say to my kids: “Don’t make the same mistakes I made! You can do better!” but as I look through the posts from our high school Facebook page, and with the gift of connection through social media, I think I’m doing pretty well! Awesome career, family, children and friends. A really nice life 30-years later – and I’m grateful! Thank you Laurel and my mom and dad for an amazing education. And thank you to the cherry trees in my yard, for reminding me that everything blossoms in its own time! I’m right where I am supposed to be.

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